What does people's support do?

Financial support through donations and the purchasing of merchandise creates funds to provide aid directly to victims of terrorism. This aid can be in the form of a cash compensation payment or paying for medical expenses for example. Please refer to our Compensation Policy for further details.

In addition, support through uniting with us on social media adds positive strength and energy to our key message that we reject terrorism and it will not change the way we live our daily lives.

Apply For Aid

When an act of terror is declared the team at unitusWF will monitor the event and reach out to the relevant authorities to commence the compensation process. Unfortunately, it is highly likely intimate details of victims will not be able to be obtained, therefore we need the victims or their families to contact us via an online application. In the first instance we have kept the initial registration simple, which can be commenced by completing the form below.

Support Us

Why donate? Commenting on social media, liking and sharing post about terrorist events and expressing your concern for victims is meritorious, however now you can finally do more. By donating now you can tangibly help victims with their recovery by providing aid and in doing so make a genuine stand against terrorism!

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