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It's why we exist


The story behind unitusWF

The world has a population in excess of 7 billion people. Despite this, violent extremist groups a clear minority by number of people are causing a significant percentage of the world’s population to consider in their daily lives the threat of the extremist’s cowardly acts. As a result many peace loving citizens live in fear of attack or have altered their behaviours to avoid attack.

A strength of these radicals is not only their conviction to their inhumane cause, however their ability to form a strong unity. Herein lays the answer for the billions of peace loving citizens of the free world to passively combat these extremist’s groups. Standing united, we out number them literally 1,000,000’s to 1. It’s time peace loving citizen’s all over the globe unite for freedom and show our conviction to live everyday life unperturbed by these savages.

unitusWF is the mechanism to do just that! Embracing the mantra of Freedom, Global, Passive unitusWF is bringing peace loving citizen’s all over the globe together to send a passive message that we won’t tolerate extreme violence groups, confirming we are free!

We stand strong in our rejection of terrorism!

Letter from

Laurie Minto – CEO and Founder of unitusWFF

Welcome to unitusWF the world’s first non-government organisation specifically created to aid victims of terrorism with their recovery and give peace loving, law abiding citizens all over the world a tangible way to reject terrorism, in doing so possibly saving lives.

It is the intent of this website and our social media sites to clearly communicate how uniting with a network of like minded individuals across the world can make a huge difference to the impact terrorists currently have on all our lives.

If a terror attack occurs in the future, which recent history suggests is inevitable, we can use the act of the terrorist to amplify the compensation raised to support their very victims. Right now I don’t know of a way to make such a donation, one of the reasons unitusWF was formed.

If you saw someone leave a bag under a seat and walk away what would you do? With our approach to preventative education and promotion of self-preservation in the future you will confidently act and save many lives. As you will discover throughout this site, there is much more to unitusWF and this is a brief introduction and heart felt welcome.

About me… I’m just an average peace loving, law abiding citizen who knows we can do more and should do more, so I’ve started the journey for the world to do more. My research suggests there are millions of people just like me and I look forward to you all uniting to confirm we are free!



It’s how we achieve our Mission

  • Providing Aid
  • Networking a Community of like minded people
  • Preventative Education
  • Self-Preservation
  • When an act of terror occurs most people continue to be shocked by the news and genuinely feel for the victims, quiet often nervously waiting to confirm a family member or friend is not amongst the injured or killed. We then wish there is something we could do, not only to prevent terror attacks, however to contribute to the victim’s recovery. Thanks to unitusWF that is now possible!

    At unitusWF we believe victims can become victors, with hopes and dreams still being achievable and that’s where your crucial donations come in. Not only is it a physical and emotional challenge to recover from the injuries sustained by our victims, it also often is a financial strain.

    Donations raised by unitusWF will be provided directly to victims of terrorism in accordance with our Compensation Policy to aid in their recovery. This is where another peaceful, yet defiant stance against terrorism is enabled.

    Providing aid is an excellent way for the world’s people to show we won’t tolerate terrorism. In the future terrorist’s acts will actually amplify the compensation payable to the victims of their very acts as a result of unitusWF enabling the world to make donations for this purpose.

  • Embracing the mantra of Freedom, Global, Passive unitusWF is bringing peace loving citizen’s all over the globe together to send a passive message that we won’t tolerate extreme violence groups, confirming we are free!

    As a result unitusWF is harnessing the power of the people & social media to make a typically passive stance, whilst being prepared for the worst. The first step is to start a global movement of law abiding citizens through social media, unite with us now on Facebook. This is voluntary and for most people over a life time only requires following unitusWF. Passive means just that, typically there is no need to do anything other than show your support, unity and non-acceptance of this insane behaviour.

    More active followers can show their support by wearing wrist bands, displaying stickers, badges, bag tags and the like to show their commitment. We are all used to these things from the growing phenomenon of events like Tough Mudder® and Spartan® for example and numerous charities. This visibility of the unitus WF movement has the potential to deter violent events, while acting as a catalyst for millions of strangers united by the common goal of freedom to strike up a conversation when undertaking the routine of daily life.

  • It is the intent of unitusWF to use social media platforms such as it’s YouTube Channel to provide information to assist the worlds peace loving and law abiding citizens to assist in preventing acts of terrorism, lessen their impact, potentially save lives and simply make the world better prepared. How can this be achieved? Consider the following scenario’s and think about how you would react, potentially by not knowing any different:

    Scenario One - A bag is left under a seat in a public place. Would you think anything of it? If you were concerned what would you do? This happened in Thailand and 25 people were killed.

    Scenario Two - You’re on a train and see someone acting suspicious, in fact you think you saw a gun. Again what would you do? Fortunately on the Thalys train in France people intervened and saved many lives. It is said one of the males who intervened got shot and played dead, which potentially saved his live. Would you think to do that?

    There is much to be learned and taken advantage of by knowing more specific details about these events. unitusWF intends to create re-enactments to show the potential courses of action.

  • The potential non-passive commitment of unitusWF people is to combat a live hostile situation in an act of self-preservation. Noting our strength is in our enormous numbers, we will use this advantage to ‘unite for freedom’. Imagine a hostile situation where 100’s of peace loving citizens are challenged by 2 extremists, typically out of fear and not knowing if someone else in the group will stand up with you to fight back, no one acts and the outcome is likely to be catastrophic. Conversely the unitusWF masses unite for freedom and act together in self-defense, saving lives and immobilising the immediate threat.

    This concept in effect creates a way of being able to know in the circumstances of violent acts in public spaces that you know the person sitting next to you will stand up beside you and act, like you would if you were with an able bodied family member or friend. That glance you would intuitively share to take down the threat as a means of self-preservation. A fellow unitusWF champion of this magnitude being recognisable be their wrist band, badge, bag tag for example and most likely the brief conversation you had whilst waiting for a coffee, paying for your groceries and so on.

    Whilst we don’t directly promote defensive action or provide physical training on how to eliminate a threat, unitus WF in the coming months and on an ongoing basis will share helpful tips and tricks such as self-defense techniques from relevant professionals.


Boston Bombing - A victim moving forward positively

Jeff Bauman woke up on Tuesday, April 16th 2013 and he had no legs.

Just thirty hours prior, Jeff was surrounded by revelry at the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon. The first bomb went off at his feet as he awaited his girlfriend's finish. When Jeff awoke days later from hours of surgery, rather than take stock of his now completely altered life, Jeff ripped out his breathing tube and tried to speak. He couldn't. Jeff asked for a pad and paper and he wrote down seven words, "Saw the guy. Looked right at me," setting off one of the biggest manhunts in the country's history and beginning his own brave road to recovery.

Learn more about Jeff’s story at

Whilst unitusWF hasn’t assisted Jeff, his story is reflective of the outcome we see for future victims and our aim is to actively assist them with their recovery.

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Why donate? Commenting on social media, liking and sharing post about terrorist events and expressing your concern for victims is meritorious, however now you can finally do more. By donating now you can tangibly help victims with their recovery by providing aid and in doing so make a genuine stand against terrorism!

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