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unitusWF upholds the following values:

  • Integrity – above all, the trust of our global stakeholders won’t be compromised.
  • Respect – for the individuality and diversity of all our law abiding, peace loving citizens.
  • Commitment – to making victims become victors, hopes and dreams are still achievable.
  • Freedom – an enduring and realistic ideal we hold dear, we are free.
  • Spirit – our business is serious and compassionate, however we embrace optimism, creativity and fun.

Laurie Minto

CEO & Founder

Qualifications - CertIVMgt, AssocDipPolicing (distinction), GradCertProfMgt (distinction), AFAIM Recent accolades - 2014 Chairman’s Award Winner for Academic Excellence, Australian Institute of Management (AIM) Graduate School

Laurie is an ordinary every day peace loving and law abiding Australian citizen. He commenced his early career as a police officer before pursuing a career in the corporate world. For 19 years he has been in managerial positions in a number of large corporate service companies. Through his articulate nature, business management success and embracing life-long learning he has progressed to senior management roles.

He believes in multiculturalism and enjoys similar people’s company, regardless of gender, race, colour, age, marital or parental status, sexual preference, disability or religious belief. He is a dedicated family man with children, who dreams of world peace.

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Adam Rawlings


Adam commenced his career as a registered nurse based on a desire to help people, supported by his friendly and fun personality. Subsequently Adam would like nothing more then a world where people get along, respecting each others differences and work together to find peace and harmony.

In recent times Adam has pursued his creative streak and flair for business, running a number of successful small businesses and right now he has a successful mechanical workshop franchise.

When it comes to unitusWF Adam has been a pivotal part of forming the organization and is considered a Co-founder.

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David Ridden


David is a sales and marketing professional, which has seen him work in both big business and run small to medium enterprises of his own. Currently David runs a highly successful marketing consultancy and is a Director of a Motorsport Company operating in Australia.

David is passionate about people and seeing them succeed. He has travelled comprehensively around the world and values diversity. On this basis David readily recognized the value unitusWF could offer peace loving & law abiding citizen around the world and readily volunteered to be a part of this great cause.

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Supporting Victims to become Victors

Hopes and dreams are still achievable


unitusWF has an unquestionable commitment to maximising profits so that the compensation pool of funds for victims of terrorism grows and is justly distributed.


At unitusWF we take the trust of our supporters, followers and donors seriously and we place integrity above all.


To guarantee astute governance and compensation award an independent Advisory Board has been formed from across the globe.

Our Advisory Board - Governance and Compensation

Experience and qualifications of several of the current Advisory Board members is as follows:

Advisory Committee Member – United States

Based on the West Coast of the United States this committee member has held the position of Vice President at a global Security and Investigation firm, overseeing operations all over the world. This committee member career commencement was as a police officer before pursuing a lengthy and successful career in insurance investigation and commercial fraud.

Advisory Committee Member – Singapore

Based in Singapore this committee member is the Regional Head of AsiaPacific of a global consultancy firm and during his highly successful career he has worked with a number of global health insurance organisations. By nature a business builder, with a proven ability to lead and inspire individuals to work towards and achieve desired results. With the demonstratable ability to select & inspire talent and engage people to shared values, he is passionate about the welfare of people.

Advisory Committee Member – Australia

Based in Sydney Australia and being another recognised professional in his chosen field, Occupational Health and Safety this committee member has an extensive career with a number of Australia’s largest corporations including steel manufacturing, transport and logistics and FMCG.He is highly skilled and educated, recently completing his Masters.

unitusWF is interested in expanding the advisory committee and would like to hear from similarly qualified and passionate individuals from around the world, particularly the United States, England and France. To express your interest contact us.

Support Us

Why donate? Commenting on social media, liking and sharing post about terrorist events and expressing your concern for victims is meritorious, however now you can finally do more. By donating now you can tangibly help victims with their recovery by providing aid and in doing so make a genuine stand against terrorism!

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