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Frequently Asked Questions



  • Compensation
    Who can be given aid?

    People who have been injured during a declared terrorists attack or next of kin in the case of death occasioned during a declared terrorist attack. For more information, refer to our Compensation Policy & Procedure.

    How do I know my donation will make it to a terror attack victim?

    unitusWF operates under various rules and regulations as a non for profit. These rules and the systems in place at unitusWF govern how donations are awarded, which is directly to victims of terror attacks. For more information contact us.

    Can I "adopt" a terror attack victim like we can children through food aid organisations?

    This is currently not an option for compensation or support offered by unitusWF. If you would like to provide ongoing support please choose to make automated reoccurring monthly donation.

  • Donation
    Can I donate food and clothing?

    unitusWF is specifically assisting victims with funds to aid their recovery from the personal loss or injuries sustained during attacks. A monetary donation is the best means of achieving this.

    Can I choose what age group my donation will go to?

    This is not currently a donation option offered by unitusWF. As victims are typically random there is not an age profile to donate against.

    Will I know what terror attack my donation will support or can I choose what I want to support?

    At this point in time donations are aimed at generating aid for individual victims, however unitusWF is currently investigating implementing an incident specific donation capability.

    Why should I donate to unitusWF when other organisations like Redcross are looking after victims from terror attacks?

    No other organization specifically aids victims of terror acts with their recovery. Their focus appears to be on broader issues surrounding the consequences of terrorism, such as the Syrian Refugees crisis.

  • Charity
    What makes unitusWF different to any other non for profit or charity?

    unitusWF is unique in that it is filling a void to directly assist victims of terrorist attacks, something that has unfortunately become very real for all of us. We are taking affirmative action, together with creating a global movement to stand strong in our rejection of terrorism. Take the time to learn more byviewing this site in full and exploring our social media pages


  • My safety
    Is supporting unitusWF safe?

    unitusWF is not able to guarantee supporting this organization is safe, just like you can't guarantee your safety when driving, the actions of others cannot be controlled.

    How can I spread the word about unitusWF without putting myself at potential risk?

    unitusWF is not able to guarantee supporting this organization is safe, just like you can't guarantee your safety when driving, the actions of others cannot be controlled.

  • Terrorists
    How do you stop a terrorist or extremist from following unitusWF?

    Terrorists live within our society, they are people's neighbours, they run businesses and attend schools, colleges and universities often without detection, so as such they cannot necessarily be stopped from following unitusWF. unitusWF does not tolerate extremism or discrimination and will block people who act in this way on its sites.

  • Networking
    Is there a way for me to make contact with other like minded people like me that donate to or support unitusWF in my area?

    unitusWF in accordance with our Privacy Policies is unable to share information about its donors or supporters. You are welcome to view our social media platforms.

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Why donate? Commenting on social media, liking and sharing post about terrorist events and expressing your concern for victims is meritorious, however now you can finally do more. By donating now you can tangibly help victims with their recovery by providing aid and in doing so make a genuine stand against terrorism!

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